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"When we sought out to change the way sheets are enjoyed, we realized you should love the sheets you're in! At Prosper Heights, we open you to a world of comfort with high quality fabrics and unparalleled linen designs. "

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Stack of 100% organic bamboo sheets in the color white, green, blue, sand, and grey
For Perfect Color
Crafted with Bamboo fibers that are silky to the touch
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Set of 100% organic bamboo sheets in the color Grey
Standard 100
Oeko-tex Certified
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Perfect, absolutely perfect. I just can't believe how soft the sheets are. I have found my new go to without a doubt.

Jennifer R.

Trying to find a surprise set of sheets for my wife is let's just say (a touchy subject). But boy did I hit it out the park with these. Insanely soft!

Brian J.

They are doing things right. An amazing set of sheets at just the right price. Everything about Prosper Heights is premium. I'll be back for my third set!

Amber A.


Naturally Breathable

Loved By The World, As Seen On Cosmopolitan

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crafted to render exceptional sleep

Our 100% Organic Bamboo sheets undergoes a unique process to build their structure. We take our bamboo products through a reduction phase crushing it to its core. With the epitome of supreme softness in mind, we dissolve the heart of our product in a non-toxic solvent and create the extracted fiber using a proprietary closed loop system, all while saving 98% of the water! This is where we're able to spin it into an effective yarn serving as a launch point of quality for our products

This approach allows us to maintain such a green and energy efficient stance, all the while creating a product for you that's "cooler" and "cleaner" then cotton with a love for minimal water consumption.


you deserve great sheets

We've paired our manufacturing process with the thoughts of helping you find your happy place.

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"We've mastered the epitome of comfort in bedding, with natural bamboo fibers that anticipate your desire for unparalleled rest."